Strategic alliances are integral to our business

In today’s constantly evolving and changing economy, the Cosmos 21+ Group has recognized that the requirements of our clients change at such a rapid rate that no single company can practically hope to deliver a solution in their own right.

Consequently, one of the fundamental platforms that the Cosmos 21+ Group has been built upon is the formation of Strategic Alliances with suppliers of ‘best-in-field’ products and services. Our role in sourcing partners and project managing the integration of the best products and services available has been a key factor in our success and growth.

The highly successful formula has resulted in the Cosmos 21+ Group being able to provide a comprehensive range of integrated products and services to a diverse spectrum of clients across a broad range of markets.

Our strategic alliances now cover application software suppliers, software development, POS suppliers, computer hardware and networking suppliers, application service providers and telecommunications.

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