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Widely used by Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) for recording and maintaining digital food safety records, BrandM8 has an undeniable track record of innovation, simplicity and reliabilty.

Cloud-based Solution

BrandM8 is deployed as a 'cloud-based' web solution, allowing ongoing central management and reporting from any web browser. Our cloud environment is also scalable, allowing us to increase server capacity should a deployement require some extra grunt.

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Easy to use and train

The user interface on all mobile platforms is very easy to understand and follow. Users are guided through the checklist process, and have access to additional information to assist them in answering questions. As a result, BrandM8 is very easy to train and deploy to all levels of users.

Flexible setup options

With various ways to structure checklists, multiple question types, and broad publishing rules, BrandM8 is incredibly flexible in its setup. You don't simply get pre-defined checklists in this platform.

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Integrated Bluetooth Devices

We can integrate most Bluetooth devices into BrandM8. The most common device is the Temperature Probe, allowing a digital capture of a temperature.

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